Friday, September 11, 2009

Things seem to be normalizing

I think things are getting back to normal. I got to go on a longer walk again today. Dad has been tied up with some medical tests, but I guess that is over. We walked in West Neck, our new neighborhood in Virginia Beach. I just love these walks because I get to walk along the golf course where there is a lot happening. Every person who lives in West Neck is over 55, and there are a lot of dogs. I am one of the bigger dogs, but also the best looking and, tails down, the friendliest. I am so very lucky!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FINALLY!! Beach Walk!

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Mom and Dad finally got off their butts and took me to the beach!! Yippee!!! After Labor Day, dogs are again allowed on the beach in Virginia Beach. I am so very happy!! I got to run and play and swim and roll in the sand at Sandbridge Beach. It was AWESOME!! I got sand all over the car but who cares!! I am, once again, a BEACH DOG!