Monday, January 31, 2011

My TV Commercial Debut for the Virginia Beach SPCA

I must say that my TV commercial debut for the Listening Ears Program at the VBSPCA went very well. My wonderful dad took me and I could tell it was going to be fun because he put my personalized LL Bean tote bag in the car. It smelled of several different treats and a couple of my favorite toys were in there too. When we arrived at the "studio" I saw my dad hand some of my treats to an awesome little boy who was there also. The little boy then sat in a chair at a table and read aloud from a book.  Dad told me to "down" and then "stay." Then I could hear a video camera rolling but I knew not to move.  If I could just be patient,  I would get those treats from that boy. So I did! It was an Oscar winning performance!

About the Listening Ears Program which was developed by the VBSPCA:
The Listening Ears program is designed to help both new and reluctant readers develop their reading skills. The premise of the program is that reading to an animal can create a more relaxing and less threatening atmosphere for children who find reading challenging. In addition, reading to a furry friend creates a non-judgmental and fun atmosphere for most children, and helps send the message that reading can be an enjoyable and worthwhile activity.
Reading aloud can be a challenge for children who lack confidence in their ability to read. Often, children are capable of reading, but self-consciousness and concern for adult or peer approval can cause stress, making it difficult for some to read. However, studies show that when children read to an animal, they relax, forget about external influences, and begin to enjoy reading. Often, animals are seen by children as trust-worthy and compassionate, allowing for a positive and open interaction. 

This award winning program is offered in many schools in our area and is staffed mainly by our awesome volunteers.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I might be a star!!

I have been asked to be the dog in a commercial for the Virginia Beach SPCA. I am pretty good at acting like a dog, so I guess that is why I was asked. Plus, I am no stranger to the camera and I have heard that I still have that puppy cuteness. There will be a human child reading a book to me. Actually, the human child will be giving me treats......and we all know that I work for food! I am quite excited; a car ride, some alone time with Dad, and of course, the treats! I just hope they bring enough know REAL TREATS and not CARROTS!
From Iris: I never get to do anything. "Puppy cuteness?" What have you been smoking?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It was a so so day today. Dad had a "procedure" yesterday. Both the humans were gone all day and Pete came over to let us out a few times so we knew we were prolly gonna be alone for a long time. We heard the garage go up about 4:30pm and WOOF WOOF they were home! Just in time to dish out the CHOW!
From Iris: the Mom is my hero! She walked me today, IN THE RAIN! Then she walked Ivy. She tried to get my special walking collar on Ivy but it was too small. Guess Ivy's diet is not working too well. Can you say "tubby?"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Have a heart, be a lifesaver

 Mom was volunteering at the shelter this week and there were a bunch of puppies there waiting for their new best friend to show up and take them home. Please take a minute, or maybe a minute and a half to watch. Your best friend is waiting. Please change the world for one animal and adopt a shelter pet.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another way our humans are helping other animals

Our humans volunteer with the Virginia Beach SPCA. They do a bunch of different stuff there, but they recently took on a new volunteer gig for them. The VBSPCA and Senior Services of Southeast Virginia have started an outreach program together. Every month SSSEVA gives the VBSPCA a list of pet food that they need for a Meals on Wheels type of program. The recipients of this food are generally home bound senior citizens who cannot get to the store for pet food for their pets. The SPCA wants these folks to keep their pets with them and not end up in the shelter, as does SSSEVA.  So they use donated food from the VBSPCA to help the Senior citizens out. My humans do the pick up and delivery. It may not sound like much, but they are making an impact. Pets are staying with their owners and everyone is happy and well fed. They are quietly being a change for animals (and people too).