Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another way our humans are helping other animals

Our humans volunteer with the Virginia Beach SPCA. They do a bunch of different stuff there, but they recently took on a new volunteer gig for them. The VBSPCA and Senior Services of Southeast Virginia have started an outreach program together. Every month SSSEVA gives the VBSPCA a list of pet food that they need for a Meals on Wheels type of program. The recipients of this food are generally home bound senior citizens who cannot get to the store for pet food for their pets. The SPCA wants these folks to keep their pets with them and not end up in the shelter, as does SSSEVA.  So they use donated food from the VBSPCA to help the Senior citizens out. My humans do the pick up and delivery. It may not sound like much, but they are making an impact. Pets are staying with their owners and everyone is happy and well fed. They are quietly being a change for animals (and people too).


  1. This is no small service - and so very much needed! I'm happy to hear about this program, wishing you much success!

  2. What a fantastic service! I am sure these actions are greatly appreciated by the recipients who can no longer perform these duties on their own. How heartbreaking that must be to be in that situation. I think it sounds like a LOT. Good for your parents. They are an inspiration.

  3. What a great program! I'm sure it makes a huge difference for those who were having trouble providing for their pets.