Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day to Iris

Iris has been with me, and the Mom and the Dad for one full year! WOOF! She is a goofball, but a loveable goofball!
Her training is still a work in progress, but she sure has come a long way. She is a lucky dog.  Mom has all the patience in the world.
She still plays with her food and doesn't WOLF it down like normal Labbies. But, I have learned to steer clear of her food bowl. She may not want to eat, but she doesn't even want you to so much as even LOOK at her bowl. Just ask Sasha!
Iris is not exactly an Olympic swimmer either, but she can play with the hose for hours on end! Did I say she was a goofball?
From Iris: I am lucky and I know it. You should try the hose, labradork!