Friday, November 20, 2009

I am a beach dog!

Mom wanted to pick up some driftwood after the nor'easter, so we took a little trip to Sandbridge Beach. We went to Little Island Park, which is almost in North Carolina. I love this park because there is usually no one around and I get to run off leash! There was a lot of trash on the beach and a bunch of decaying stuff, so I had tons of new smells to investigate. There were a few live conchs washed up and I really wanted to roll on them, but Dad threw them back in the ocean. I would rather play on the beach than anywhere else, so I guess that makes me a beach dog!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Nor'Easter

We had a nor'easter blow in last week. This is kind of like a hurricane, but the winds are not as strong. But, it was strong enough to knock out power for two days, bring down our new pergola, flood the golf course, and wash a huge barge up on our local beach. I pretty much napped through the storm and the aftermath. But, the folks let me out on the golf course to run during a lull in the storm. I love that!!! I am shedding my fur and I look pretty ratty, but it was great to be outside!