Thursday, March 19, 2009


My name is Ivy and this is my blog. I have another blog penned by my mom documenting my TPLO surgery, but now it is time that I write my own.
I am a 7 year old, female yellow Labrador Retriever. I live with my humans, Pam and Joe. We have 2 homes; a condo in Chesapeake, Virginia and a house in Tampa, Florida. My folks are referred to as "snowbirds," but they are not birds at all. Occasionally they fly in an airplane, but that is all the flying they do.
Anyway, we have been in Florida for almost 2 months now. I am glad because it was really cold in Virginia when we left in January. We spent a month on vacation in the Florida Keys and now we are at the house in Tampa. They Keys were really cool in that dogs can go a bunch of places with their humans. I got to go to several bars in Key West and had my picture taken at the southernmost point in the United States!
In Tampa I enjoy having my own yard and my own doggie door for my comings and goings. There is a pool but I do not care for it. I love water, but the pool........nope cannot do it. I need a beach! Pam and Joe take me for a long walk, about a mile and a half everyday. This is great exercise for all of us and there are lots of things for me to stop and sniff and pee on. On the walk today we saw a bunch of turtles and even a big alligator! Fortunately, he dove into the water, but he was watching us......kind of creepy. I don't much care for gators.

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