Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's been a while.....

because Mom and Dad have been very busy making the new house a home. And then, last week they went to Florida to bring back their other car. They left me with my sister, Iris, who lives with their son, Pete. It was a confusing week as Pete has a housefull...his wife, 2 small kids, and Iris. But, Mom and Dad are home again, spoiling me rotten. Below is a picture of me cooling off in the Intracoastal Waterway and another one of me relaxing on the new porch furniture. Enjoy!!!


  1. Glad the pack is back together safe and sound! You take a lovely picture Ivy, you are very photogenic ;-)

  2. Hi Ivy
    We're glad you and mom are back online. We are nearly next door neighbors. We live in NC. You are a very pretty Yellow lab and I like your name.
    I'm Madi and as you'll see I'm a cat but I have lots of dog friends with blogs some of them are . Buddy, Sassy, Zack, Jack, Giz, Billy, Twix Raider,Tank, Dory, Lorenza, and lots of Cats....
    Madi and Mom