Monday, January 4, 2010

My Holiday Journey

We did something different this year for the Christmas Holidays...we traveled our butts off. First we rode to Blacksburg to visit a set of grandkids and to attend the niece's graduation from VA Tech. We had a great time but were delayed traveling for a day because of a huge snow storm (see previous post). Dad got us safely out of Blacksburg (he is an excellent driver) and we traveled about 7 hours to St. George, SC, where I got to spend the night in my favorite, dog friendly, Quality Inn. The next day, we arrived in Tampa. I got to use my doggie door to the backyard, which I love. It make me feel very independent. The second set of grandkids arrived in the middle of the night, which was a little strange. But, I love having them around because they feed me table scraps.
Then, suddenly we left! And ended up at a "vacation rental." I am not sure what that means, except that it was a kind of "borrowed" house. The parents and the rest of the crowd left me alone there for 2 days!! They went to someplace called "Disney World." But, I showed them! I jumped on all the beds and left loads of dog hair. I am shedding something fierce because of the change of climates. It's GREAT being a Lab!
Then, we are back in Tampa but leave the next day for Georgia. What's in Georgia, I wonder? But, we arrive at the site of my birth, some 8 years before, in Madison, GA! AMAZING!! But, dog mom is pretty fact, she's a bitch...pardon the pun. My big black brother is awesome though. I'd like to take him home with me....he is so cuddly. She thinks so too, as they are always kind of laying on each other...I am SO jealous. But, my mom is the most beautiful Lab I have ever seen....see for yourself! Can you tell who is who?

Now we are back in Virginia Beach. It was an adventurous 2 1/2 weeks but I am so happy to have Mom and Dad to myself and get back to my long walks. Life is good!

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  1. Wrooo wrooo!
    We live about 2 hours from Madison!!!
    We're in the North Ga. mountains!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy