Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's that time again

............ for fireworks.  I don't understand why humans would take a dog to fireworks and then be surprised when the dog gets so afraid, slips the collar,  and runs away. That is just stupid. Leave Fido at home. I hate fireworks. They hurt my ears and remind me too much of thunder and lightening. My humans are smart, very smart. They never take me to fireworks shows. They leave me at home with all the lights on and switch off the classical music and put on the country music.  Loud.  So I won't hear anything. Of course, I wait up for them.....or at least they think I do. And I have a very cool American flag themed collar. Check it out!!!


  1. Good advice! Too bad they don't make earplugs for dogs! You look beautiful and patriotic in your collar!

  2. You look divine Ivy. I hope you didn't hear a peep on the 4th...