Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joey's Alternative Spring Break Project

While we are lazing around by the pool in Tampa this week, Joey is doing something very, very cool. He gave up his Spring Break to be the faculty advisor for several University of South Florida students on a service project in North Carolina. They are volunteering at the Animal Control facility in Louisburg, NC. This seems to be a "high kill" shelter, meaning that they euthanize when the shelter reaches capacity :(
They have already euthanized several animals since the group has been there! This made Joey and his group upset, angry, and so sad.  But, they went back this morning and apparently Joey has found a new friend (sorry about the pic quality....must be using his Iphone). This is pet 11-0390 / 6-3-0061 and available for adoption now at this shelter. Please give them a call 919-496-3032 and let's get this dude a furever home!
Ivy's Pet Project is proudly supporting Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day!
Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day


  1. Good job, Miss Ivy in doing your part in helping a friend in need find a forever home. Hugs and love...

  2. That is sooooo wonderful of Joey! People like to turn a blind eye to these places which I can understand on one level. It takes a courageous soul to go into such an overwhelmingly sad place and try to help and it is wonderful that he is fostering this strength in these students. Oh and of course awesome to help the animals too but the teaching will hopefully pay back long after their trip is over.