Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My doggie seat belt

Some folks have asked about the vest I am wearing in some of my pictures. It is a seat belt for dogs. The official name is Canine Auto Safety Harness. Mine is a soft vest that has a short leash attached to the top which slips onto the car's lap belt. Mom and Dad found mine on, but I have seen others in the pet stores. It comes in different sizes to fit your dog. I can still stand up, and sit and lay down. Mom and Dad do a bunch of traveling with me and this helps keep me safe. In some states, it is the law to have your dog restrained in the car. I think that is a good idea. BUCKLE UP FOR SAFETY!


  1. Safety first! I know I say how beautiful you are all the time but I really think (and Moose agrees) that you could have a career in modeling. That company should totally hire you to show off that vest!

  2. Very good idea...
    and you look mah-velous in your vest, Ivy!
    Labbie kisses to you,