Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter bunnies, ducks, and chicks......oh MY!!!

Easter is coming!!! Here comes Peter Cottontail!
I am not going to tell you that domestic bunnies don't make good pets. They do. They're intelligent, cute, and fun. But, lots of times folks who buy baby bunnies for their kids don't know what they are getting into. So,  they eventually decide that they don't want them. So, they either take them to shelters, or release them into the wild. Shelters are already under a strain, and domestic bunnies have zero chance of survival in the wild.....I don't even want to speculate what could happen to them, but it would be very ugly indeed.
Please think long and hard before you get your child any pet; a bunny, dog, cat, whatever. And don't even think of getting them a cute baby chick or baby duckling. That is just WRONG! But, if you do go for a bunny, read up on their feeding and care, and find one at your local shelter, NOT a pet store.
Make Mine Chocolate is a great website for info on pet bunnies. Check it out!!


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