Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just me and my mom

Dad is off on business, so it is just me and my mom for a few days. The sun finally came out today and I have been very busy doing what I really enjoy and that is sleeping. I am following the sun around my backyard deck and generally having a great day today, thus far. Mom has promised a nice, long walk this afternoon, and I am waiting patiently for that to occur. Every now and then I get up and walk to to the front door to see if Dad is back, but alas, he is not. I leave a bit of dog snot on the side windows, so he will know that I have eagerly been awaiting his return. Mom is not so bad....she feeds me on time and has been pretty good about remembering to load up my Kong when she has her cocktail at 5 o'clock. Is it 5 o'clock yet?


  1. It is 5 somewhere! You two can have girls night while he is out! Movies, popcorn, bon bons etc! Hope he gets back soon though!

  2. You may want to mess with the clocks when she's not looking. :)