Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buckle Up For Safety

I have talked about this before, but since the travel months are rapidly approaching, I thought I would address it once again. If you have ever thought about buying a seatbelt for your dog, the answer is of course you should. There are only advantages to buying and using a canine auto restraint system. Your dog deserves the same kind of protection that you afford yourself and your family.  There are several reasons to use a canine auto restraint system.
Prevent driver distraction.
This is the most important reason. You don’t want your dog roaming your car. Your attention needs to be focused on driving. Small dogs can be caught under the pedals and all dogs can leap at the driver. And please, don’t ever drive with your dog in your lap. If the airbag deploys in a crash….your dog would be killed instantly. It’s simply not worth the risk of having your dog unrestrained in the car.
Protect your dog.
Your dog deserves the same protection as you and your family.  In a 30-mph collision, occupants of the vehicle can exert a force 20 times that of their body weight! Canine restraint systems protect by absorbing some of this force and distributing the load evenly across the stronger areas of the body, protecting the head, neck, and body from injury. A canine restraint system that reduces this potential impact force can make the difference between life and death, and help prevent serious injury.
Protect yourself, your family, and other passengers in your vehicle.
In an accident, a dog can be thrown with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of force into other occupants of the vehicle, easily causing life-threatening injuries. A good canine restraint system can help minimize this danger.
Prevent your dog from jumping out of the car.
Even well behaved dogs can become distracted. The worst place to lose your dog would be far from home on vacation. Dogs can be seriously injured or killed jumping from even a slow moving vehicle.
Protects rescue workers from being attacked.
If an accident does happen, a dog can be disorientated and confused. The dog may even attack rescue personal attempting to help you. This can be avoided by using a canine auto restraint system.

Many local pet stores carry some type of canine auto restraint system and many more are available on the Internet. So, please do the right thing and buckle up your furry friend for safety!

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  1. What excellent points. Since we use a hammock, moose will not wander the car orfall on the floor which are the things I worried about. But you make some other points about being unrestrained after the accident. I will look onto it for sure!