Monday, April 26, 2010

Iris Returns!!

Well, I thought it was just a visit, but my sister Iris has been here two weeks now, and it looks permanent. We get along ok, as long as she doesn't chew my stuffed toys. They are for squeaking only! And, wonder of I like rawhide bones again! Especially if Iris has partially chewed one already! I LOVE to go for walks on the leash with Mom and Dad, but I have to say that Iris needs to learn some self control. I mean, she wants to charge across the street and sniff and play with all these little yip yip dogs that are out walking with their owners. Mom must not care for it either, because she has hired a "dog whisperer" for Iris. The first day Iris went, she came home with a shiny, new metal collar and she was dog tired. Now Mom takes her for at least one solo walk and later we all walk together. Now, I prefer to take the lead, but Iris does not like to be in back and she sure lets you know that. What a WHINER! But, I allow her a little Alpha time, just to be fair. Yup, I am a good dog!!


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  2. Welcome Iris! I bet mom will have her behaving as good as you in no time! Maybe Ivy can show her the ropes on those 'leash manners' and all the good spots to poo on the golf course ;-)