Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House check for Lab Rescue

Thank goodness for every sad story there is usually a good story! Mom and Dad went on a house check for Lab Rescue. We didn't go cuz Iris is still in training and her dog manners still need a little work. But, Mom says that the rescued dog, Zoe, has got some really cool new digs. She has a very cool new lady owner who already had an older dog (like us!!!). Well, the older dog just loves having Zoe as his new, baby sister. He even shares his toys with her!! They have a huge, fenced backyard AND......GET THIS......they live on the beach!!! Zoe is in obedience school (like Iris) and is doing really well so the lady wants to keep going to class. Zoe gets to swim and play everyday...she is one lucky dog!!! Thanks to Lab Rescue of LRCP for matching Zoe up with the best dog mom ever...well almost!

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