Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sorry, sportsfans, no pics for this post because it was under the cover of darkness that this event happened! The Mom and the Dad let us out for the last pee of the day yesterday. And.....tada!! They opened our back gate out to the golf course beyond and let both us Labs out! Usually, it is only moi because Iris is well........not very obedient at times. But, Mom slipped off the leash, and Iris took off! She dashed across the golf course like a banshee! And stopped suddenly and started rolling in the grass. Now, when I do a roll, it is usually in excrement of some description. So, I knew Mom was a bit worried. But, her worries were unfounded for Iris was rolling in the grass with sheer joy at just being UNLEASHED!! And then, wonder of wonders, Iris came back when called! Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!!


  1. Awwww You're a cutie, Sounds Like a FUN time!!!!! Rolling in grass is always a blast day or night!!!! I saw you on the Blog Hop and love your blog and I'm now following!!!! Hope you're having a great Saturday!! ~Hugs~ Lauren and the fuzzies

  2. Hello we are your newest followers from the pet blog hop! Ivy you are such a Beautiful dog. We hope you have a Great Weekend.
    Your Friends at

  3. Passing through from the blog hop. Pleased to meet you!