Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life ain't bad when the humans are away....

It's been a week since the humans left for California and Iris and I are living a dog's life here at Camp Pepter. We pretty much get fed on time and it's been a bit warm outside, so I have been catching up on my napping during the day. When the kids get home, things can be a little hectic but it's all good as they get snacks and we are the beneficiaries of the droppings. Or, I can put on my cute Labby look....that ALWAYS works with kids and adult humans. I have been working on my barking when the doorbell rings but, I just can't help myself! WOOF WOOF!!!

1 comment:

  1. Who can resist cute labby look! It is kryptonite for humans! But you are SUPPOSED to bark when the doorbell rings, how else will the humans know they are needed? The bell is just there to let you know to let them know, right?