Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My humans volunteered at the SPCA today!

and they came back smelling like this spotted dog!! His name is Beepo and he is about the same age as Iris and me (8 years old). He is at the SPCA because his humans had health problems of their own and could no longer take care of him. Beepo has some ear issues, but other than that, Mom says he seems ok. He was excited to go outside and peed a lot.....remember he is in a kennel all day long! He loved being petted and walked.  I sure hope he finds a furever home soon!!! See his awesome smile!!
Sad update: Beepo waits at the Rainbow Bridge....Godspeed, Beepo.


  1. Poor guy! I hope he finds a home too. WHen I used to volunteer at the humane society in Miami I remember how excited the dogs were to get out side so I know it means a lot that your humans went there to help! Paws crossed for you big guy. You are so handsome I bet you will find a home fast!

  2. Mom thinks he is very cute!! How nice of your humans to go volunteer!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  3. Hey do you know how he is with other dogs? I know someone looking...

  4. He seemed ok. He was in a kennel alone but when we had him on leash he was not aggressive at all to other doggies we encountered.