Monday, October 4, 2010

Iris......unleased yet again!

We have a bad, and I mean BAD case of cabin fever!! It has been raining for days now and we have been cooped up like a pair of chickens!!
FINALLY, the mom took pity on us and set us free on the golf course! It was a little messy for me, but Iris put on the butt tuck move and took off!! Thankfully, she has been to reform school and her recall was perfect....that means she comes when called. But, she quite obviously loved her moment of freedom!

From Iris: Butt tuck....does that mean hauled ass?


  1. Yay! What a good girl! I need to send Moose off to that School! Good girl Iris. Sorry you two are cooped up and soggy!

  2. Butt tuck means no more saggy bottoms! :)

  3. We love to butt tuck and haul ass :)

  4. You look like your having such fun from Angus and Milo